Lindsay and Mike

May 22, 2020

The Happy Couple

How They Met

The Proposal

The Wedding Party


Maid of Honor

Alicia is Lindsay's baby sister - a title that Alicia only tolerates, because she loves her big sis. She is currently attending SUNY Plattsburgh, and is just one year away from a Bachelors in Marketing. After graduation, she is planning to move downstate to pursue a career in advertising. Alicia is so excited to stand up next to Lindsay as she begins a new chapter with Mike.


Best Man

Justin is not just Mike's best friend - he is also his business partner. The two of them work side by side at their craft brewery, thinking up new flavors, and perfecting each one. Justin also handles the business end of things, since he has a degree in accounting. Besides beer, Mike and Justin also share a love of Playstation, and can often be found playing Call of Duty together.



Madeline - or Maddie as her friends call her - and Lindsay met in high school, and have been friends ever since. Lindsay stood up with Maddie last year as Maddie was married, and now Maddie is so excited to return the favor. Maddie lives in Schuylerville with her husband, Seth, and their daughter Sydney. She works part time as a receptionist for a law firm in Latham.



Bruce and Mike grew up together in Lake George. Since Mike was an only child, Bruce was like the brother he never had. And since Bruce had 3 older sisters, he was more than happy to 'adopt' Mike as his brother, too. Bruce now lives in Saugerties with his girlfriend of 3 years, Trisha. He is currently working for a construction company in Albany, but he wants to start his own construction firm within the next 5 years.



Stacey and Lindsay haven't known each other long, but you'd never know it looking at them. In just two years, they have built a friendship that would rival those that are decades old. Their shared love of board games and thrift store shopping has created an everlasting bond between them. Stacey lives in Ballston Spa and works as an RN in Saratoga. She is also the self-proclaimed 'Selfie Queen' of NY, and is rarely seen without her phone.



Scott is Lindsay's big brother. He is a chef in Albany, and he lives in Clifton Park with his wife, Sarah, and their two boys, Samuel and Spencer. When he's not cooking, Scott enjoys fixing old cars. His current project is a 1968 Dodge Power Wagon. He is hoping to have it finished in time for Lindsay and Mike's wedding, so they can use it on their wedding day.


Flower Girl

Sidney is 3 years old. She loves to color and play dress up. She is excited to start preschool next year. She wants a puppy, or a dollhouse, or a baby sister for her birthday.

Samuel and Spencer

Ring Bearers

Samuel and Spencer are 5 and 2. They are excited to be the 'ring bears' for their Auntie Lindsay and Mike. They are most looking forward to eating lots of cake and dancing.

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Where To Stay

Sleep Inn

& Suites of

Lake George

Hampton Inn

& Suites

of Lake George

Holiday Inn


Lake George

Where To Play

Our Big Day

Weekend Itinerary

Friday Afternoon: Rehearsal

Friday Evening: Wedding BBQ (kid friendly)

Saturday Morning: Welcome Breakfast

Saturday Afternoon: Wedding Ceremony

Saturday Evening: Reception

Saturday Night: Bonfire & Sparkler Send Off

Sunday Morning: Farewell Brunch

Our Registry

Bridal Registry, Inc.

All our cookware & household needs.

Honeymoon Fund

To contribute toward our Honeymoon.

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