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Wedded State, the brand new reality series is in Lake George and has two unique shows.


Before the vows (BTV):  This show will chronicle one couples wedding planning experience from start to finish, with all the craziness the producers are throwing in along the way!   Season 1 was a success in 2019. We're now accepting applications for season 2 in 2022!

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Married to Reality (MTR):  This show will be for couples already married, who want to bear all the producers have lined up for them in sessions shot all over the Adirondack Region. Season 1 is being planned once we have couples lined up.

Please read the terms and conditions before signing up,

you will have to sign before your casting call as well in our office.

-You MUST be outgoing, goofy, fun and crazy people!

-Your images, video and faces will be all over and used maybe more than most want!

-You will have to release wedding pictures and video to us to use in the show (MTR).

-We're going to be talking about everything under the sun, your personal lives, food, parties, sex, your wedding, your friends, you name it.  You must be confident and able to share.

-For (BTV) preference is given to a couple who has not chosen a venue yet or has chosen an AAWA venue already for their wedding.

Sign up below using this form. Casting calls are being scheduled each month.


  You will be notified of exact time slot and location via email.  


Additional information will be given to you at your casting call appointment. 

Thanks, your entry was received, we'll be in touch soon!

Wedded State Logo (Blue).jpg