Wedding Professionals Membership Information


The information contained on this membership page is subject to change at the discretion of the Adirondack – Albany Wedding Association (AAWA) and its members. The AAWA is centrally located in Queensbury, NY. We are open year-round, 7 days a week by appointment. We are closed on US holidays.

The AAWA is a network of elite professionals who believe in delivering the best products and services to their clients. Working together, we support each other by referring clients, promoting one another’s businesses through multiple forms of advertising and word of mouth, building packages tailored to each client’s needs, and more. Our members get access to exclusive client lists, great discounts on area events, and enjoy increased sales and market share as a result of being an AAWA member. Our members tell us that their return on investment is FAST! Their membership dues pay for themselves quickly through the increased business they are getting. New member benefits are also added regularly.


AAWA Membership Levels

Affiliate:  Affiliate members are those who want to be part of our FREE planning program, but do not want a lot of exposure. 

Supporter: Supporter members are those who have less money to invest, or do not plan to connect with couples on the sales leads list.
Associate (general): Associate members are classic wedding pros (photographers, florists, entertainment, restaurants, lodging, etc.).

Associate (retail): Retail members are non-wedding vendors, such as MLM companies or direct sales representatives.
Partner: Partner members are pros who want to stand out from the crowd with a branded listing & more frequent sales leads.
Venue: Venues are any location that charge for the use of an event space, either with or without catering.


Affiliate Level Members Will Get:  (FREE annual cost)

  • A listing on the AAWA All Wedding Vendors page ONLY

  • Admission to The Association Private Social Media Group

    • Stay informed on area events & Association activities

  • The opportunity to participate in vendor meetings and Association events/shows (at a higher cost than paying members)

  • Affiliate Members must meet all Terms of Membership (see below)

Supporter Level Members Will Get: ($175 annual cost)

  • A printable certificate of membership 

    • Let your clients know you are part of an elite network of pros

  • A listing and link on the AAWA website, under your specific category

    • Our site is optimized for desktop and mobile viewing

    • Our site is the first place clients go for information, and your business will be what they see when they get there

  • Admission to The Association Private Social Media Group

    • Stay informed on area events & Association activities

  • Business card space in the Wedding Center

    • It’s what clients see when they visit our office!

  • The opportunity to participate in vendor meetings and Association events/shows (at a higher cost than associate members)

  • Opportunity to upgrade to another member level at any time

    • Check out the great Associate benefits below!


Associate Level Members Will Get: ($350 annual cost)

  • All the benefits of the Supporter level, PLUS:

  • Monthly notification of wedding registrations and contact information

    • Get a jump on the competition!

  • The opportunity to participate in vendor meetings and Association events/shows (at a higher cost than partner members)

  • Complimentary use of Wedding Center resources and meeting space

    • Make meetings convenient for you and your clients

  • Opportunity to upgrade to Partner Member at any time

    • Check out the great Partner benefits below!



Partner Level Members Will Get: ($550 annual cost)

  • All the benefits of the Associate level, PLUS:

  • A beautiful custom-printed AAWA Membership plaque for display

    • Let your customers & clients know you’re part of an elite network of professionals

  • A Branded listing and link on the AAWA website

    • Brand recognition is the name of the game! Let us promote your business for you.

  • ALL AAWA wedding show lists, even if you do not attend them!

  • Regular notification of wedding registrations and contact information

    • You get leads first - before the associate members!

  • Complimentary inclusion in Wedding Association marketing 

    • We’ll get your name out there!

  • Exclusive invitations to client workshops, shows and Wedding Center open house events

    • Meet other Partner members, vendors and clients, first hand

  • Prime placement at AAWA wedding shows ​​


Venue Members Will Get:  (contact for annual cost)

  • All the benefits of the Partner level, PLUS:

  • Venues receive an additional website listing at no additional charge

    • Market to clients across multiple categories!

Terms of Membership

All AAWA Members will:

  1. Comply with the AAWA Code of Conduct

  2. Agree to a business facility inspection by the Association as applicable

  3. Submit a business biography / resume to the Association 

    • a valid, professional website qualifies

  4. Submit at least five (5) client testimonials or professional references

    • testimonials on website also qualify

  5. Offer clients a 10% discount or equivalent upgrade

    • Client must book a minimum of five (5) Association members (vendors) for their event

    • AAWA will provide a contract when discounts are applicable

    • Reception facility discount/upgrade is 5% total, pre-tax.

  6. Promote your fellow Association members to clients.

  7. Treat all couples with dignity and respect, and will not discriminate based on race, color, religion (creed), sex, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status


To Apply for Membership

Read and agree to the Member Code of Conduct below, and fill out the Application for Membership.

Contact our office to arrange payment by credit card, or make your check payable to Adirondack – Albany Weddings.

Member listings will appear on the AAWA website within 7 business days of receiving your application, dues, and logo, as applicable.


AAWA Member Code of Conduct

ALL AAWA members must comply with the following professional standards.

Appropriate written notice will be provided if the AAWA alters these terms.

Regarding membership and other pros, AAWA members will:

  1. Meet minimum qualifying criteria as set forth by the Association

  2. Actively promote the Association, its members, its benefits, and its role in helping clients plan special events

  3. Operate a professional business that is an asset to the Association and to the community, and follow all laws, rules, etc of New York State and surrounding areas as well as any and all specific venue rules and guidelines.

  4. Maintain an operable business telephone, physical storefront, email address, and website (as appropriate)

  5. Obtain and keep current as applicable:

    • required business license(s)

    • general liability insurance

    • worker’s compensation

    • disability insurance for employees

    • vehicle liability insurance on company vehicles

  6. Display the Association logo and web link (to be provided) on your website home page, wedding page, or links page

  7. Should display the Association Membership certificate or plaque prominently in your place of business

  8. Display the Association Membership certificate or plaque at ALL AAWA wedding shows you attend

  9. Treat other professionals (members and non-members) with respect

  10. Refer business to complementary members of the Adirondack Wedding Association

  11. Attend / participate in Association functions including:

    • wedding shows

    • seminars

    • workshops

    • fundraisers

    • community events

    • other social functions, as appropriate

  12. Should attend a minimum of one AAWA wedding show each year to remain active

  13. Provide printed and web-based Association marketing materials to prospective clients as appropriate

  14. Make all payments due the Association on time

  15. Return contact by the Association in a timely manner

  16. NOT share our lists or sales leads with any NON-AAWA members

    • Any member found to be violating this condition will be subject to automatic dismissal from the AAWA without a refund

  17. Provide the AAWA with your own sales leads, as you see fit


Regarding clients, all members will:

  1. Provide a formal written contract for all goods and services provided to clients

  2. Represent clients fairly and honestly, providing cost-efficient and professional services

  3. Satisfy client disputes immediately, fairly and with professional consideration for the Association

  4. Honor any contracts entered into during period of membership, with any AAWA clients