We love Weddings & Events!

The Adirondack-Albany Wedding Association was originally formed in 2008,

and we have been helping couples ensure the highest level of quality for their event (while saving money!) ever since.

The wedding professionals that we allow into the AAWA must be high quality pros that we trust to execute the wedding of your dreams, so you can rest easy knowing that all our members have a proven track record of reliability and excellence.

And if that wasn't enough, you can also earn upgrades and/or discounts on your wedding, simply by booking our member professionals!


Amanda Perkins

Office Manager

Amanda manages everything in the AAWA office, and is also the face behind our recent rebrand. She has the skills to design everything from an amazing logo to an extraordinary wedding. She has an eye for detail and her background in wedding planning, administration, and design allow her to play a variety of different roles depending on what your may need. Amanda is also a previous AAWA bride. She and her husband Sanford were married in the fall of 2015. We're glad to have her on board! 


Amanda resides in Hudson Falls with her husband, their 2 young boys, 2 chihuahuas, a Guinea Pig, and a Hedgehog!


Ashley Barry

Event Staff

Ashley is one of our long time employees and friends.  She has experience in resort management, food & beverage and hospitality as well as numerous weddings over the years.  Ashley is a past AAWA bride, as well, so she has your best interests in mind when it come to your wedding day!


Ashley loves her children, and husband, Rich!


Kaitlin Phillips

Event Staff

Kaitlin started off as in intern with us and now brings her creativity and passion for weddings and events to you.  She is well versed in the workings of the AAWA and covers our northern NY area for new professionals.


Kaitlin smiles, a lot!  :-)

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Nicole Enny - Tully

Event Staff

Nicole herself is a past AAWA bride.  She is a full time teacher and loves kids!  You'll love her organizational skills and most likely, you have seen her handing out prizes at one of our shows.


Nicole has two cute children and a super husband, Jeff!

mark brenneisen, wedding planner, adirondack wedding, lake george wedding, saratoga wedding

Mark Brenneisen

Founder, Event Staff

Mark brings his 20 years experience in the wedding industry and passion for celebration to the table for you.  The absolutely most creative ideas in the world and an energy that is unparalleled in the region. Prior U.S. Coast Guard Service, Public Safety Officer, E.M.T and fireman dedicated to helping as many people as he can each day.


Mark loves cats too!  Meow!


Certified Wedding Planner (CWP)

Certified Sandals Specialist (CSS)

LGBT Certified Wedding Pro

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Our free program!

It's this simple: You use a minimum of 5 AAWA members for anything wedding related, then complete a review of your AAWA office experience, and you qualify for upgrades and/or discounts, saving you money! All professionals - including those for your wedding day (such as venue or photographer), your honeymoon, your rehearsal dinner, your wedding shower, and  your bachelorx events - count!


Our only rule? You must contact us prior to 30 days before your wedding date to qualify for the AAWA benefits. This ensures that you (and your vendors) will have proof of your qualification before your final payments are due. And if you find that your savings leaves some room in your budget for additional vendors, we can always add them in after your initial letter is issued... so it is best to contact us as soon as you have your minimum 5 vendors.